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Findings and Finishings

This book covers basics for working jewelry from stringing to needle weaving. Includes some exciting  techniques and how to use the most popular stitches to create some innovative custom clasps of your own. Projects include wire clasps, beaded clasps, tools and many more! This will appeal to artists of all levels. High quality photographs featuring some of the most exciting artists available and their work sampling various skills represented through out the book

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Peepers and Creepers

One of my most popular patterns over the years. Easy brick stitch in 3-d. Just plain fun. Same as the old booklet just sent electronically via email

The Morning Rose

An innovative application of square stitch that produces a 3 dimensional flower shape that can be used for making barrettes, pins, necklaces, even baskets or doilies. In this advanced version, there are many graphs for adding geometric designs and insects and other creatures such as Orca, dolphins, goldfish, and even Santa's Reindeer. The Morning Rose includes all basic instruction for the square stitched rosette, application for basic jewelry, special edgings, and embellishments, with a section on capping crystals. Comb binding, 8 ˝ by 11.50 , 12 project specific graphs, color photographs of each style, clear diagrams showing each step. Each book comes with a free sample of Lacy's Stiff Stuff!

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Beautiful graphic designs capture the many ways this traditional craft has risen to new creative heights. See how to set up a loom, follow graphed patterns, create edgings and fringes, and even build a simple loom from scratch!  35 projects include jewellery, chic accessories, home decor items, gift ideas, and more. Every item comes with three to five patterns to choose from—and there are 50 extra bonus patterns, too! Publisher: Lark Published: May 2009 144 pages $24.95 Us Hard cover 8 1/2 X 10Type your paragraph here.

Airbrushed Tights

Tube Loom
The  Tube Loom, like the Tiny Tube loom, is for an amuletl bag... approximately 2 3/4 inches wide. It uses the same steps illustrated in the Tube Loom Tutorial.  price is $7.95.

Tiny Tube Loom

The Tiny Tube Loom, like the Tube loom, is for a small bag... approximately 1 3/4 inches wide. It uses the same steps illustrated in the Tube Loom Tutorial.  price is $7.95.

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DIGITAL only hard copy sold out.

Rebellious Beads

by Rebecca Brown

An innovative and inspiring adventure in stitch manipulation using five basic bead stitches: bead embroidery, brick, square, peyote, and right angle weave. From flat to three dimensional beadwork, this book covers a range of shapes and form with seven projects designed for the intermediate to advanced beading enthusiasts who are looking for ways to expand their skill to a level above the norm. It is a book for those who are ready to unleash their passion for this under appreciated art medium and learn simple and exciting ways to give dimension to your work as you rebel against the mainstream thought that seed beads are just pretty glass balls


Books and Looms

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Contemporary Loom Beading

A new look at a traditional stitch!

Over the Edge

Covers basics for traditional and Sharon Bracelet looms, with fun designs that incorporate clever edgings and interesting beaded clasps. Includes 6 designs that teach basic seed bead skills. Instructions clear enough for beginners with designs interesting enough for more experienced artists. price with out a Sharondipity Bracelet loom 14.95 price with a Sharondipity Bracelet loom 19.95.

Tube Looms

Sharondipity Bracelet Loom

The Bracelet Loom is specifically for working bracelets. Like the other tube looms it eliminates the warp thread. The steps for working a bracelet loom are illustrated in the Bracelet Loom Tutorial                            price is $7.95