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Airbrushed Tights

I started selling tights to give myself the flexibility I needed to support myself and still be available for my autistic grandson when he needs me. Something a "real" job just wouldn't allow me to do. I have always wanted an outlet for my painting skills and thanks to airbrushing, I found it! 

With success comes responsibility, so, when things got busy, my son, Daniel, joined in. He is a natural and quickly learned enough to become an integral part of the process. He is amazing! And very handsome!

We trade off making several of the styles and work together on most of them, but Daniel is most often the one painting the broken dolls, the Vanellope styles, and the bandanna ski masks.
Believe it or not... Mom is the one doing the creepy zombie stuff. So embarrassing, right? He takes it in stride and has a good sense of humor about it... most days anyway.

A Mother/son Airbrush Team

​bateman airbrush custom tights for performers dance lolita and cosplyers....

zombies robots cyborg custom designs for a custom look. 

Daniel Bateman

Sharon Bateman

Charming and witty, Daniel has been an artist for as long as he could hold a pen. He has recently ventured into the realm of airbrush and his skills continue to grow and shine!

Aka "Yaya" and "Mom" I am mostly known for beadwork and writing How To books, but back to my first love... painting. This allows me focus more on my family, in particular my grandkids.

The Artists